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Quick and easy are two words I love when it comes to keto dessert recipes, or anything keto recipe related really! This keto mousse (low carb mousse) is both of those. It is a keto dessert easy and is the perfect keto dessert recipe. This chocolate mousse recipe keto sounds delicious and is delicious. This chocolate mousse keto recipe is light, fluffy, full of great keto fats and is one of the most versatile keto mousse recipes you’ll find.

Best of all, this chocolate mousse low carb has only 5 keto ingredients and it is as easy as mixing all the keto ingredients together to make a keto dessert easy! And the flavours of this chocolate mousse recipe keto are quite incredible. You wouldn’t think you could get such bold flavours from such an easy keto desserts easy!

And did I tell you how versatile this chocolate mousse recipe keto is? Not only can it serve as a keto desserts easy recipe, but it also works as a keto icing recipe, a keto topping or a keto spread recipe! Yup, say hello to you new keto pancakes / keto crumpets topping! YES PLEASE! And it is the perfect keto desserts easy recipe if you’re looking to solve your sweeth tooth in a quick and easy manner!

I am a huge fan of these easy keto recipes and keto desserts easy. I am always short on time, especially with a 3 year old boy! I am sure you are too, so this keto dessert easy recipe is just amazing to me. Any easy keto dessert you can whip up in less than a few minutes is a winner in my books! And a keto desserts easy recipe that actually tastes great and kills the sweet tooth is sure to be a winner with you keto and low carb folk too!

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Ingredients & Quantities for this Chocolate Mousse Keto Recipe:

1/2 cup Cream (120ml/4.05oz)
1 Tablespoon Sweetener (I use Erythritol) (8g/0.28g)
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder (8g/0.38oz)
½ teaspoon Vanilla Extract (2.5g/0.08oz)

Macros for entire Chocolate Mousse Keto Recipe:

Calories 431
Net Carbs: 3g (17g total carbs – 2g fiber – 12g sugar alcohols)
Fat: 45g
Protein: 3g

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