OMAD KETO WORKOUT – One Meal a Day Full Day of Eating on Keto

Keto Workout
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I eat an OMAD KETO diet and eat only one meal a day.
This video shows you how I do it.

I extend my daily intermittent fasting window to 18-20 hours and eat only at dinner within 2-4 hours.

During the day I consume no calories and only a few cups of coffee or tea.

If I’m working out, I have a small protein shake to promote muscle glycogen resynthesis post-workout and to speed up recovery.

I don’t do omad for weight loss but because it’s very convenient for me. Fasting helps cognition and my brain stays sharp throughout the day.

At dinner, for my one meal a day, I consume 2 large dishes that focus on micronutrient density. Foods on the ketogenic diet are very nutritious and I get all my micros in with additional supplementation.

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Why I Eat One Meal a Day:

My Omad Eating Window Explained – 00:18
Omad Diary – 00:33
OMAD and Exercise – 01:13
What I Eat on Keto – 02:55
What Supplements Am I Taking – 05:48
My OMAD Macros – 06:56
Omad Meal Plan with Keto – 07:27

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