KETO ONE MEAL A DAY (OMAD) RECIPES | How I Eat Keto + One Meal A Day For Weight Loss | Rosa Charice

Keto Meals
KETO RECIPES FOR OMAD (ONE MEAL A DAY) INTERMITTENT FASTING | How To Eat One Meal A Day (OMAD) On Keto For Weight Loss | Rosa Charice


I went on two weight loss journeys where I lost over 100 pounds by following the keto diet , intermittent fasting, and eating only one meal a day aka omad. Here are some of the exact Keto recipes and meals I ate on my weight loss journey while intermittent fasting and eating only one meal a day (OMAD). These ketogenic meals are easy to make and each meal is meant to be eaten only once a day.




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My name is Rosa. I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur trying to own and run a successful business. I lost over 100 pounds and I am here telling my story . After going through a traumatic car accident which encouraged me to lose 130 lbs to help my injuries , I decided to start helping others with my experiences. I lost 100LBS on keto then transitioned to veganism , where I lost an additional 30LBS . I am passionate about health, fitness , and business. I help people try to become their best selves through unlocking the power that’s already within us . I want to help people improve their life and self care , which helps others exert their full potential. I coach , market, manage and make YouTube/ social media content as just some forms of work or me . Thank you for all the love and support . I’m just sharing my stories in order to help others. Let’s keep growing our garden , my roses.


I am not a professional nor am I a doctor. I speak from years of experience and education. I ONLY speak from my experience . I am not responsible for any misuse of information. Try at your OWN risk.

FTC DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links in which I do receive a small commission. However , the links above are products I use in my life daily and items I would personally recommend.

Any pictures or videos used that I do not own are used solely for educational purposes.

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