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Shop at Cabela’s Here is an easy grilled sirloin steak recipe and even you can do. Sirloin steak is a very good cut of meat and it is one of the leaner steaks. So with a grilled sirloin steak being a leaner cut of meat, it works great with the Roger Raglin low carb diet. It will work as a great keto diet recipe also. The easy sauteed mushroom recipe also goes great with the Roger Raglin Diet. Roger has some great recipes on his channel to help you get started but it is lacking items cooked on the grill. So I will be posting up some easy recipes to cook on the grill. Next week check out my Fire Cracker Shrimp Recipe Video you are going to love it. I hope you liked my grilled sirloin steak and mushrooms video and remember to hit that share button. Especially if you have a friend that might like a Roger Raglin Diet Recipe. I will put a link down below for the Roger Raglin Outdoor Channel so you can find the diet information and thanks for watching my video of “Grilled Sirloin Steak Recipe | Roger Raglin Diet Recipe” we do appreciate it.

You can find the Roger Raglin Diet here:
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Sauteed Mushrooms Recipe
16oz Cremini Mushrooms
2 Green onions minced
1/4-1/3 cup Olive oil
1tsp Granulated garlic
1/2tsp Sea salt
1/4tsp Black pepper
Sautee onions in olive oil
add mushrooms
add seasonings
sautee until mushrooms are tender

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